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Security Notice

Confidentiality and Security of Your Membership Information

All information you have entered to sign up and start a subscription to WpressALL will not be shared with other companies or persons. WpressALL may send campaign information, information about new developments, promotional information to its subscriptions and members in some periods. Our members are free to receive such information.

All information you give while you are a member is only accessible to you and you can change it. If you secure your login information, it is not possible for others to access and change information about you. During the membership process, you will be moving in the 128 bit SSL security area. This system is an international encryption standard that can not be broken.

Credit Card Security

WpressALL keeps the security of the credit card holders who use our system and subscribed first. Your credit card information is not stored in any way our system. When you enter credit card payment information, this information is transmitted to Paypal, our payment processor, through encrypted connection. Iyzico (a payu company) uses and processes your payment information in accordance with Iyzico’s Privacy Policy.

One of the things you need to be aware of when you enter the subscription process is that you are a secure site, a key or lock symbol on the address line of your browser. It shows you are on a secure internet page and all your information is encrypted and protected. This information is only used in accordance with the subscription process and in the direction of your instruction.

The credit card information used during the subscription is encrypted by our site with the 128 bit SSL protocol and sent to the relevant payment company for interrogation. If the availability of the card is approved, the operations are continued. Since no information about the card can be displayed or recorded by us, it is prohibited for third parties to acquire this information under any circumstances.

E-Mail Security

Never write down your credit card number or passwords in emails you send us using our site contact form. Our company can not guarantee the security of information transmitted from your e-mail under any circumstances.<