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WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce


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  • Version: 8.0.9
  • Updated: 12/07/2024
  • Demo: WPClever
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Product Description

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce is a plugin developed by WPClever for creating bundles of products. When you sell various products as a bundle, customers will get incentives and encouraged to buy more. In addition, creating bundled products also helps your customers better decide which items can fit well together. This, thus improving sales and profits for your business with great pricing starting from $29 for a single site.

What’s more, WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce is an essential tool for you to enhance cross-selling marketing by allowing various items from different product lines in a bundle. For example, combining a variable product with a single product, making a combo with set quantity, allowing downloadable/ virtual bundles, etc. This plugin is intended to power up your WooCommerce shop with a powerful boost from advanced features that go well beyond your expectations.

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    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.0 7.3.0 387.98 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.1 7.3.1 388.34 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.3 7.3.3 384.25 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.4 7.3.4 384.67 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.5 7.3.5 384.82 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.6 7.3.6 384.90 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.7 7.3.7 384.93 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.8 7.3.8 384.96 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-7.3.9 7.3.9 384.96 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.0 8.0.0 390.13 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.1 8.0.1 390.15 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.2 8.0.2 391.07 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.3 8.0.3 391.13 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.4 8.0.4 391.22 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.5 8.0.5 391.45 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.6 8.0.6 391.68 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.7 8.0.7 392.22 KB
    woo-product-bundle-premium-8.0.8 8.0.8 392.43 KB

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